Wednesday, April 29, 2009


"Get out of bed." "Get out of bed." Over and over again, my alarm beckons me to get up. So I shut the dang thang off, so I can doze for a few minutes.

An hour later, my phone rings and wakes me up right in the middle of a dream. I have this car that kind of looks like Cinderella's coach without the horses and smaller wheels. Oh, and has big daisies all over it. I am with somebody, a friend I think, and we are going to get some lunch. I park right next to the restaurant door somewhat on the sidewalk - but is was ok for me to do so.

I happen to look out the window, and my car is gone! I start questioning everyone - I think the hostess had something to do with it. Then I go outside and look up and down the street for my car, saw a couple similar ones, but not mine. I notice that I am wearing my pajamas inside out. It is a very busy street - kind of reminds me of New Orleans, there are a lot of people on the sidewalks and in the street. My friend leads me to this alley and a door. He opens the door and it opens into a dank cement room. I follow him in and then he opens another door - I tell him that I am not going with him (I was scared), so he goes, and I go back out to the street.

I need to get home to feed the dogs that I forgot I have in the back yard (I've had this part of the dream several times). They are always ok, skinny, but ok. I feel so bad for forgetting them though.

So I try to hail a cab, but am getting nowhere cause it is so crowded, and I am not very tall.

There is a huge 18 wheeler electric blue truck (just the truck part, did not have a load) parked nearby and I climb on top of the cab to see if I can hail a cab from there. Then the truck starts to leave! Some nice people help me down, and I land in a pile of old clothes. And then I realize that I have a very short nightgown on. I am tugging at it and walking through an out door Japanese restaurant. There are crackly things on the floor that hurt my bare feet. I see a small enclosure, kind of like a cattle chute, but with wooden sides. I slide in there to change into something more modest, but get stuck - there is no room to move.

Two dudes come along, and now I'm really scared. They were Indians with black face paint on, and they were kind enough to help me get out. Now I have my long nightgown on inside out.

My bosses house is nearby, so I stop and pick up five gallons of vodka, and let myself in the back door. That vodka was soooo heavy that when I was carrying it, I became two inches shorter. They were going to have a party, and I knew they would be mad if they found me there (but happy about the vodka). There was a huge guesthouse behind their house that was the size of a regular house and some movie star was staying there. He came out and I got to meet him, he look scruffy, and I did not know who he was.

Then I started cleaning the floor with a hose as there was some catlitter that had spilled. And then the phone rang.

I was so befuddled and tired for most of the day. I really needed to finish that dream. Whenever I shut off the alarm and fall back asleep, I almost always wake back up in the middle of a dream. If the dream is bad, I don't want to wake up because I always try to make it work out ok.

What do you think of that?

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